Beebest Storage Tank Water Heater
Centralized Multipoint System

“Provides you with hot water heater at every tap”


  • Rated power: 3000W
  • Rated Voltage: 240V
  • Rated Current: 12.5A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Minimum Start Pressure: 0.05MPa

Why Beebest Storage Tank?

When it comes to storage heater tank design, none can surpass Beebest’s incredible high mark of excellence. Beebest Electric Storage Tank Water Heater SAVES SPACE and MONEY.

It can be easily installed and concealed in the ceiling to save space. Incoming water is directed through the heater for heating.

Its CENTRALIZED MULTIPOINT SYSTEM provides you with hot water at every tap.  Thus, with Beebest Electric Storage Tank Water Heater, you can enjoy hot water anytime, anywhere and simply more cost saving.

Our Clients

Enamel coating

0.5mm inner tank

Single Welded Joint Design

Reduces water leakage risk and 5 years warranty for inner tank

2mm cold rolled steel (CRS)

Use 2mm cold rolled steel as raw material in Inner Tank production which can withstand higher temperature and stronger water pressure

'U' Bracket

Easy installation. Suitable for wall, floor and ceiling mounting

2 way safety valve

Release water when pressure too high; avoid explosion, prevent water backflow out from tank; avoid dry heating element inside tank

Double Thermostats

Extra Thermal Cut-Off Safety

Thicker Polyurethane (PUF) Insulation layer

Prevent heat loss and conserve energy saving

Magnesium Anode

Purify water prevent heating element from corrosion

Heating element made of incoloy material

Loner lifespan, withstand hard water, higher temperature and corrosion

Fully tested, approved & testified

Recycleable Parts & environment friendly